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  • The European Union, 25 different countries, 25 different energy policies...? An overview

    How unified is the European Union when it comes to energy policy? Do all member states face similar environmental challenges related to electricity provision? What are the consequences of the ongoing liberalisation process? Do some member states deal with a historical burden? Is the "dash for gas" still going on and is this a European or a national tendency? How do the member states deal with the (post) Kyoto targets? Does the EU needs to worry about security of supply? ...

    Energy specialists, from ten different member states in the EU, have been contacted to describe the current national energy policy on a level of all 25 EU member states. They have been asked to critically review the electricity provision and to tackle meanwhile questions like those mentioned above. The authors have a good understanding of the national energy situation, their criticism results in an added value; their reports are more than just a simple summary of existing documents. Their contributions can be found in this publication.

    The different chapters of this publication are written in the framework of the EUSUSTEL-project, funded by the European Commission. In this project on European Sustainable Electricity, a comprehensive analysis of the future European demand and generation of European electricity and its security of supply is made. Eurelectric and VGB operate, among others, as industrial advisors.

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  • Final Report

    Download the Final Technical Report: Link to pdf-file

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